Vordio 5.3 Release

Vordio 5.3 is now ready for download.

If you are still using Vordio 4.x, you may like to read about Vordio 5.x first


* Apogee metarecorder workflow via fcpxml has better item positioning


This release addresses many fixes, new features & general usability enhancements to the reconform system.

* Region graph now supports multiple selections
* Heal function to fill gaps caused by missing information
* Merge handles can now be specified
* Overlap tolerance for affected items can now be specified
* Unreconformable items are now colored light blue
* Markers are now reconformed
* Colors more consistent between Mac OS and Windows
* Automation adjustments for moves are now given priority, edges second.
* Phase buttons that are not relevant to current phase are now disabled
* Added open button after reconform
* Fixes for some parsing errors
* Fixes for item group detection
* Extension tags are now preserved intact

New reconform UI

After reconform the region manager can be used to locate potential problems