Vordio 6.6 Release

New features and fixes:


  • “Audio Warp” clips now supported. Clips that had a pulldown effects applied were playing out of sync. Now they should play in sync. This was happening with camera audio where the frame rate of the footage was different to the sequence timeline.
  • Session sample rate is now inferred from first audio track. Only applies if AAF audio is sample accurate and not quantised to video frames. Otherwise it will default to 48k.
  • New option to remove pre-rendered fade clips and replace them with real fades. Long fades will only work if sufficient handles exist in the surrounding audio.
  • Workaround for AAFs from Logic with corrupt data that wouldn’t load. Now corrupt fields are ignored.


  • Bit depth of transcoded camera audio is now preserved. Previously if the camera audio codec was big endian PCM then the bit depth would default to 16 bits even if audio was 24 bits.