Vordio 6.9 Release

What’s new?


  • Easier to read main font. Font is now forced to Roboto Medium rather than rely on system fonts which could sometimes result in unpredictable formatting and less readable text.

Hindenburg (.nhxs)

  • Corrected spelling of Hindenburg in UI
  • Removed some unwanted information accidentally added to NHXS output
  • Fix for Hindenburg input where files referenced were on another machine but had been copied/moved.

AES31 (.adl)

  • Fix for AES31 input bug where wrong track index was referenced causing failure
  • Crossfade support on AES31 input
  • Auto crossfade support on AES31 output when items overlap
  • Restricted crossfade minimum length to 1/100th second as lower values caused problems
  • Better track naming on AES31 output

Open Timeline IO (.otio)

  • Initial support for converting OTIO format input from Davinci Resolve.

Adobe Audition (.sesx)

  • Better approximation of sesx fade type translation
  • Auto addition of crossfades on SESX output when input items overlap

TC Conform

  • Conform tracks are now named after the first clip on the track