Vordio 6.7 Release

Vordio 6.7 is now available to download.

UI improvements

  • made convert button stand out a bit more
  • fix for misleading license status message when run out of activations

FCPX (.fcpxml) format

  • Better handling of sync clips that can distinguish between storyline and connected clips
  • Sequence markers now exported when generating .fcpxml

Premiere (.xml) format

  • fix for when xml has no audio media only video

AAF format

  • fix for replace rendered fades feature
  • support for empty clips with zero package id
  • support for aaf comment markers on top level compositions
  • aaf clip pan fix for multichannel clips
  • fix for aaf multichannel infinite loop causing hang and out of memory
  • fix for clips that are sequences themselves
  • fix for subclips going missing due to incorrect subclip duration

Hindenberg (.nhxs) format

  • .nhxs format (hindenberg) now supported as output format
  • fix for -inf gain in nhsx files

REAPER (.RPP) format

  • fix for reading rpp fades and crossfades
  • fix for reaper region duration calculations

Media Collection

  • fix for maintaining timecode when splitting poly files into mono files
  • fix for maintaining sample depth when splitting files