Vordio 6.1 Release

Vordio 6.1 is mostly a maintenance release with a number of important fixes.

You can download latest version here.

If you are still using Vordio 5.x – find out what’s new in Vordio 6 here.

New in Vordio 6.1

  • Support for premiere text items and clip speed
  • Save change list as tab delimited CSV. For use with corresponding CSV importer reaper script.
  • Windows CLI version (for use with scripting). Ask support for access to this build.
  • Basic SoundBlade EDL support (experimental)

Fixed in Vordio 6.1

  • fix for clips inside compound clips in FCPX XML going missing under certain circumstances
  • fix for conform rates in FCPX XML that have no frame duration (this can happen with freeze frames)
  • fix for keyframes on rate changed items in FCPX XML
  • fix for Mac OS shared directory permissions preventing license import
  • fix for LCD font rendering (makes messy fonts clearer on Mac M1)
  • fix for Windows not allowing trailing space in folder name
  • fix for license removal on windows
  • fix for RPP with child track that has no parent
  • fix for AES31 exported by Sadie
  • fix for AES31 fades from WaveLab
  • fix for marker bug when writing AES31