Vordio 6.2 release

You can download latest version here.

If you are still using Vordio 5.x – find out what’s new in Vordio 6 here.

What’s new?

Hindenburg (.nhsx)

  • Now supports the NHSX session format used by Hindenburg Journalist audio editing software

AAF (.aaf)

  • Fix for failure when clips have take selectors without any alternative takes.
  • Wrap media is now enforced for embedded media even with option turned off.

FCPX XML (.fcpxml)

  • Inactive role and channel sources are now excluded to make projects smaller & cleaner
  • Sync clip sources are now filtered/muted according to their active and enabled states.

FCP XML (.xml)

  • Video as empty items can now be flattened to a single track. Option appears in FCP XML input settings.

AES31 ADLs (.adl)

  • Fixed failure to write ADL if marker names are missing. Now substitues marker ID number.
  • Fixed failure to read ADL from Hindenburg audio editing software due to missing source media timecodes.