Vordio 6.5 Release

Vordio 6.5 is now available to download.


  • Reliability fix for time stamping extracted WAV files (sometimes didn’t happen when it should)

What’s new?

AAF (.aaf)

  • New improved AAF translator. Handles multichannel AAFs better than previous translator. In case of emergency it is possible to switch back to previous AAF converter in the UI.
  • Name mono items by channel name now an option (on by default). Channel name is often iXML mic name so can be useful to see clearly in the edit.
  • Option to flatten video items now also applies to AAF.

TC Conform

  • TC Conform now has option to conform to video clips, audio clips or both.

FCPX XML (.fcpxml)

  • New option to name items by subrole (on by default). Audio subrole is often the iXML mic name so useful to see in the edit.

FCP XML (.xml)

  • Option to flatten video items moved to global input settings because this option now applies to more than one format.


  • Added option to flatten video items (on by default). Helps when comparing messy edits.