Vordio 5.5.4 Release

Vordio 5.5.4 is now ready for download. This release is mostly bug fixes.

Extract tool tab

  • Fixed regression bug in recent release

Final Cut Pro X XML

  • Fix for huge LUT data blocks in XML
  • Reversed clip fix

Premiere XML

  • Subclip fix for source media in point


  • More readable track names
  • Zero timecode fix
  • Nuendo timecode fix
  • 24 hour wrap around fix
  • Option to allow relative paths
  • Added option to ignore timecodes
  • Added support for input and output character encodings


  • Fix for absolute Nuendo paths
  • Character encoding fix


  • Character encoding support


  • Fixed RPP converter to set track types
  • Forced utf8 on windows
  • Number format when RPP has float fade value
  • Fix for when RPP track has no channel count