Vordio 5.2 Release

Vordio 5.2 is now available for download.

This is a big release with lots of new features, as well as bug fixes.

NOTE: If you are still using 4.x, please read this post about upgrades to 5.x and finding the latest version of 4.x.

New (General):

* New option ‘create folder for output files’
* New zip function button to create archive of a converted project
* New open button to open converted project immediately
* New show button to reveal project in finder/explorer

Fixed (General):

* Duplicate markers
* Option ‘include item markers’ now saved in config
* Bluray audio codec in C100 footage now transcodes properly
* Various fixes for quirks in AES31/OpenTL formats


* New ‘auto accept phase 1’ option as default
* New ‘auto merge phase 2’ option as default
* Fixed reconform color coding for new material on Mac OS


* Added cancel button to XML sequence selection
* Fix for missing tracks in audio section of premiere XMLs
* Fix for repeating slashes in premiere & audition path names

FCPX (fcpxml):

* Fix for -Infinity in time values of clips with 0 length
* Warning if no sequences in fcpxmls
* Support for multiple projects in fcpxml
* Option to create default sequence from clips only fcpxml
* Output name based on source file name when no project in fcpxml
* Relative path support for fcpxml 1.4/1.5
* Fix for parsing error when no sequences in xml
* Fix for missing tcFormat in 29.97 or 59.94 sequences

Adobe Audition:

* Initial support for Adobe Audition projects as input (.sesx format). No clip volume yet.

Apogee Meta-Recorder:

* Apogee metarecorder app (fcpxml) now supported. Can create a default sequence from clips.


* Fix for missing attribute in fcpxml exports from Logic


* Fix for Nuendo imports & exports of OpenTL & AES31 formats