Vordio 5.0 Release

Vordio 5.0 is now available for download.

NOTE: Vordio 5 is a major update that took a lot of work & requires a license upgrade from a Vordio 4 license. Upgrades are 50% off the full price but if you paid after 1st August 2016 you qualify for 100% off.

It has been nearly 2 years since the last charge point. Please support continued development by buying a license upgrade. There are some very cool new features planned which take time.

Vordio 4.x is now discontinued but if you need the last 4.x release you can download Vordio 4.8 here.


* Initial support for the new FCPX XML 1.6 format introduced in FCPX 10.3. This new format is important for Davinci Resolve too.

* FCPX Roles & subroles now create nested parent tracks in REAPER with clearer track naming.

* Layout uses item channel count option now works for FCPX XMLs.

* Include video as empty items for FCPX XML 1.5 & 1.6.

* Include all takes in FCPX auditions option.

* Include all (item) markers option. Chapter/sequence markers are always included.

* Replace audio tool for replacing audio in a video file without re-encoding the video.

* Enhanced input & output support of AES31 & OpenTL formats usable with Nuendo & StudioOne.

* Renamed some options to make the meaning clearer.


* Fix for big-endian PCM audio in video files being incompatible with WAVs when transcoding

* Path fixes for badly encoded urls in xml

* Fixed bit depth lowering issue with video PCM transcodes