Vordio 3.0.5 Release

Vordio 3.0.5 contains an important bug fix and a powerful new feature.

To get the upgrade please use the download link in your previous email receipt. If your email link doesn’t work, please contact support to reissue another receipt.

Bug Fix:

* Compound and synchronized clips that had a non-zero timeline start were positioned & cropped incorrectly.

New Feature:

* Now includes the most powerful feature I have been working towards in Vordio 3.x – full pipelining & remapping of all audio sources (separated storyline & connected clip audio configs are now understood). In simple terms, this means translation results in a much more convenient & accurate layout of audio items. Before, Vordio used a simplistic approach that only accounted for the first set of audio sources it found for each piece of audio and then ignored any others that may further modify it. Now Vordio follows and remaps them all, right the way up through the project hierarchy, to calculate a final channel mapping result for each item. In simple terms this means that a reverse stereo clip inside a reverse stereo compound clip will be flipped twice so as to come out as normal stereo once again. Complex configurations like the example below are understood and translated in full.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.58.23