Premiere & FCP 7 Support

The next release Vordio 4.2 will include basic experimental support for XMEML which is an XML format that can be exported by Premiere & Final Cut 7.

Initially it will not be as fully featured (and maybe not as robust) as the FCP X support which has had a much longer time to mature, having been tested on hundreds of real world film & TV projects.


Please bear in mind that at this time, Vordio only runs on a Mac. It was initially Mac only because FCP X is a mac only application and Macs have a very different file system to Windows. As Vordio needs to copy and transcode project media, this makes it difficult to make a single version that runs well on both Mac and Windows. They would need to be separated.

However, as Premiere and Lightworks both run on windows, releasing a windows version of Vordio will soon become relevant. Once the XMEML support appears to be solid enough for real world use I will make a version for windows.

I would appreciate receiving as many test cases as possible. If you have XML exports from real projects in Premiere & FCP 7 you can send then please do.

I have kindly been donated a complex full length feature film, edited in Premiere, with over a million lines of XML for initial testing, and all seems to be going well.