Tutorial videos on how to get the most out of Vordio features and workflows are coming soon.

This is the convert guide based on exporting an XML from Final Cut Pro X, to then convert it into REAPER project. The process for Premiere, Lightworks & Resolve is very similar. Once you have exported a sequence XML, the rest of the process is exactly the same.

To convert a FCPX video project into a REAPER audio project using Vordio, follow these steps:

1. Make sure all media is online (drives are mounted), then select the project sequence you want to export in the FCPX project browser.


2. From the file menu, select Export XML.


3. Save the exported XML file in a directory somewhere neutral. DO NOT USE directories that FCP X manages.


4. Open Vordio and select the “Convert XML” tab then drag & drop the XML export file into the “Source XML” field. You can also use the browse button if you need the finder.

For the transcode option to work, you must also install ffmpeg tools & configure their location in settings.


5. Press “Convert”. Wait for Vordio to finish converting the project. This may take a while depending on the amount of media to convert.

From 4.5, you can now also output as OpenTL format which will import in many other DAWs such as StudioOne or Logic.


6. After conversion check there is no media left queued. If there is then some media was offline, so you need to plug in the relevant drives & hit “Convert” again.

7. Vordio creates a new directory in the same location as the XML file that was converted. This will hold a completely self contained REAPER project with all copied and transcoded media. A log file is also created (this is useful for support if any issues occur).


8. Open the REAPER project created inside the new folder to check it is ready for sound post production. You can zip this folder up if you need to send it to a separate sound editor.


9. Create a new track in REAPER. Add the reference video that goes with the edit, then uncheck ‘master/parent send’ in IO settings for the video track to prevent the video audio playback.


10. If the picture edit changes you can use the powerful reconform feature in Vordio 4.5 to resynchonize the REAPER project to fit a new NLE draft edit.