The license is per ‘sound editor’ and can be activated on up to 3 machines at a time as long as they are all used for work by the same person. This license will be valid for all updates in Vordio 5.x series

DISCOUNT OFFER: If you paid for a Vordio license before 1st August 2016, you qualify for a 50% discount on a Vordio 5 license. If you bought a Vordio 4 license after 1st August 2016, write to support to get a FREE license upgrade.

If you are a large studio or an educational establishment that needs a multi-user license created, please email support before purchase.

NOTE: Your license file will be sent as an email attachment within 24 hours (maybe sooner depending on timezone).

£40 – Upgrade to Vordio 5 from Vordio 4 (50% Off)

£80 – New User – Single User License for Vordio 5

When you receive your license file, save it to disk, then in Vordio use “Import” in the license area of the welcome tab.