Vordio 4.5.2 is now available to download.

NOTE: There was a bug in Vordio 4.5 – 4.5.2 that affected projects with filenames that use accented characters on Mac OS X. This is fixed in Vordio 4.5.3


* Premiere – fixed sync problem with 59.94fps sequences


* FCPX – non active takes in auditions are now excluded
* Glow animation on update message to make more noticable
* Warning before reconform if project contains duplicate media names
* Warning if XML contains no sequences

Vordio 4.5.1 is now available for download.

This is a quick patch update with an important fix for transcoding audio from cameras that encode audio as multiple streams rather than mulitple channels, such as the Canon C300 or Sony EX1R.

For a list of recently added features see Vordio 4.5 notes.


Vordio 4.5 is now available for download & so much has changed.

The user interface has been completely rewritten to make way for new features & future updates. There will also be some tutorial videos coming soon.

NOTE: ffmpeg must now be installed separately to use the transcode option in Vordio. This means FFmpeg can be upgraded independently of Vordio releases, such as when a new codec is supported or fixed.



* Improved Premiere support. Missing elements in the XML that caused Vordio to fail on some project are now ignored or defaulted.
* RPP parsing bug that could damage FX data now fixed.


* Completely revamped user interface. Functions are now separated in their own tabs. No pop ups.
* FFmpeg tools must now be installed separately for transcode to work.
* OpenTL is now supported as an output format. This means you could open a Premiere project in Logic, or an FCPX project in StudioOne.
* Media collection now shows lists of media yet to be processed, that has succeeded, or failed.
* Extract function for extracting audio from camera files.
* Lightworks 12.6 compatibility update. Lightworks also recently improved their XML export so Vordio works now.
* Windows build is now 64 bit only. Please let me know if a 32 bit version is required.
* New reconform user interface. I will need to make some tutorial videos to explain this function as it is the most complex to use.


Vordio 4.4.1 is an important maintenance release and now available for download.


* Error caused by inconsistent encoding of audio dB values in XML exported by FCPX.

Vordio 4.4 is now available for download.


* Basic support for Davinci Resolve 12. You should export FCPX XML from Resolve for best results (media paths sometimes go missing in exports of the older FCP7 XML format).

* All dependencies are now bundled with Vordio so there is nothing else you need to install. If you previously installed java to use vordio you can uninstall it if you like.

* Windows version now comes as a self extracting installer wizard.


VORDIO 4.3.3 is now available for download.


* Nested sequences going missing when a Premiere XML export contained more than a single sequence.
* Reconform error due to international number formatting in RPP.
* Reconform corruption of markers and regions in RPP.
* Improved wording of UI options.

VORDIO 4.3.2 is now available for download.

So what’s new? Metadata metadata metadata!

Markers and regions in video projects are now transferred to the sound edit. These can be use to mark and send precise instructions to the sound editor.

Premiere XMLs

For Premiere XMLs, markers and regions that belong to the sequence are converted into project markers and regions. Comments are added via the free SWS extensions function called S&M notes. Markers that belong to clips rather than the sequence are instead instead in the audio item notes.





For FCPX XMLs markers are shown in the audio item notes. There is a distinction between different types of markers in FCPX: Normal, todo, done and chapter markers.


VORDIO 4.3.1 is now available for download.


* Better layout engine for XMLs originating from Adobe Premiere.
* More accurate muting behaviour on mono clips with Premiere/FCP7 XMLs.
* Fixed error related to formatting in some FCP7 XMLs.


Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 18.04.13

VORDIO 4.3 is now available for download


* You can now select a different output folder, if you do not want the project to be generated in the same folder as the XML.

* Copy compatible media is recommended if you need a fully self contained project with all media in the project folder. If turned off, the media will instead be linked from it’s original location instead of copied.

* Transcode incompatible media is recommended if you need a fully self contained project with all media in the project folder. Files that may not play in REAPER such as CAF audio or video will be converted into WAV files and put in the project folder. If turned off then the media will instead be linked from it’s original location, but is not guaranteed to work in REAPER.

* Colour code media repetition is very useful for showing audio that is likely to have the same issues to deal with. It also helps spot copy & paste repetition of temporary SFX. If turned off, media will instead be colour coded by channel count.

* Group related items will lock audio together that relates to same media but with a different channel config. This option is only relevant to XML from FCPX.