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Vordio 5.5.1 Release

Vordio 5.5.1 is now available for download. This is a free update for all 5.x users.

This update addresses fixes & enhancements to the “Apply change list” tool tab.

* Items, points and markers that are out of range of the change list source regions are now ignored. This enables having multiple reels in a project but only reconforming the relevant reel.

* Added option to remove unused markers (markers that could not be reconformed). Only markers will be removed currently, regions are still left.

* The add regions checkbox is now observed correctly.

* Added regions are now prefixed with “R:” This allows easy filtering of the reconform check list in the marker manager.

* Fixed EDL parsing for change lists exported from Conformalizer. Previously only Ediload exports were supported.

Vordio 5.5 Release

Vordio 5.5 now available for download here (or via the direct download button on Vordio). It is a free update for all 5.x users.


* Reconform now injects new material at bottom of tracks to prevent existing track indexes being affected

* Reconform now moves post fx pan envelopes which were erroneously ignored before

* Fix for extraneous spaces in project name preventing project folder being created

* Fix for special characters in project name creating illegal file and folder names

* Fix for FCPX XML parsing error when asset has no name


* Optional search folder added to convert and reconform which is useful if media not in original location.

* Minimised the size of empty parent tracks in RPPs to give more screen space to tracks with items

Apply Change List Function

Vordio 5.4 also introduced a new tool tab called “Apply Change List”.

This allows you to apply a change list to a native REAPER project file (RPP).

Supported change list formats are VCL (vordio change list) & EDL (edit decision list).

NOTE: The new compare tool can be used to generate a change list if you do not already have one.

The new compare function

A new compare tool has been introduced in Vordio 5.4.

This tool allows you to compare two XMLs or EDLs to produce a region change list as VCL file (vordio change list) or an EDL file (edit decision list).

The example below shows comparing the video clips from two XMLs from FCPX (Final Cut Pro X) to create a VCL format change list.

A VCL file can then be fed into my free hammerspoon script that can be used to apply those changes to various DAWs on MacOS.

The examples below use my hammerspoon script to automate applying the change list to other DAWs.


Studio One

Digital Performer

Vordio 5.4 Release

PATCHES: Vordio 5.4.1 fixes a Premiere XML bug. 5.4.2 fixes a FCPX XML role filtering bug. 5.4.3 patches an XDCAM transcoding bug & a bug with the new “Apply Change List” tool.

Vordio 5.4 is a big update with lots of new features & a couple of fixes. This update is free to all 5.x license holders. You can download it here, or using the direct download button in Vordio.


* Premiere XML – Fix for badly encoded urls in the XML
* ADL – track/channel mapping fixes/improvements


* UI – irrelevant options are now greyed out depending on the format used

* Premiere XML – now supports ‘video as empty items’ option
* Premiere XML – new ‘recombine multichannel items’ option (which can be turned off to force mono tracks)

* EDL – Support for basic cut-only EDLs. Dissolves are not yet supported and may produce incorrect results
* EDL – Frame rate & sequence start time can now be specified for EDLs

* Extract tool – ability to disable recursing of subfolders

* Apply change list tab – This tool is used to apply an VCL or EDL change list to a REAPER project (using a region based style of reconform)

* Reconform – renamed tab to ‘Compare/Reconform’ because it now functions as two different tools depending on the input formats
* Reconform – option to split long items (affected items will be split if they have less than the required affected overlap %)
* Reconform – option to remove deleted items (if off deleted items will be muted instead)
* Reconform – now has media list like convert when injecting new media

* Compare/Reconform – region graph can now use arrow keys for navigation
* Compare/Reconform – now uses absolute timecodes, rather than relative to project start
* Compare/Reconform – frame rate field which is relevant to comparing EDLs

NOTE on compare/reconform changes

The compare/reconform tab functions, just like before, as an item-based reconform tool when given an original RPP + a revised XML.
But the tab now switches mode to a compare tool if given two XMLs or EDLs instead.

Irrelevant reconform options are disabled in compare mode, and after hitting ‘finish’ it will produce a region-based change list (EDL or VCL) that can be saved.

This change list file can be sent to someone else for use in other tools, or it can also be used in the ‘apply change list’ tool tab to apply those region changes to a REAPER project.

Vordio 5.3.3 Release

Vordio 5.3.3 is now available to download.

This is an urgent bug fix release.


* Missing audio from synchronized clips from Final Cut Pro X.

* Missing audio from DNG footage from Davinci Resolve.

Vordio 5.3.2 Release

Vordio 5.3.2 is available for download.

This is minor release to fix an urgent bug and improve support for OpenTL & AES31 formats. Read this post for more info on what new major features are in the 5.3 release.


* Full support for OpenTL exports for import into Presonus Studio One

* Full support for AES31 exports for import into Steinberg Nuendo


* Reconform source offset issue with empty text items, midi items and section looped items in REAPER projects

Final Cut Pro X project in Presonus StudioOne (via OpenTL)

Final Cut Pro X project in Steinberg Nuendo (via AES31)

Vordio 5.3 Release

Vordio 5.3 is now ready for download.

If you are still using Vordio 4.x, you may like to read about Vordio 5.x first


* Apogee metarecorder workflow via fcpxml has better item positioning


This release addresses many fixes, new features & general usability enhancements to the reconform system.

* Region graph now supports multiple selections
* Heal function to fill gaps caused by missing information
* Merge handles can now be specified
* Overlap tolerance for affected items can now be specified
* Unreconformable items are now colored light blue
* Markers are now reconformed
* Colors more consistent between Mac OS and Windows
* Automation adjustments for moves are now given priority, edges second.
* Phase buttons that are not relevant to current phase are now disabled
* Added open button after reconform
* Fixes for some parsing errors
* Fixes for item group detection
* Extension tags are now preserved intact

New reconform UI

After reconform the region manager can be used to locate potential problems

Vordio 5.2 Release

Vordio 5.2 is now available for download.

This is a big release with lots of new features, as well as bug fixes.

NOTE: If you are still using 4.x, please read this post about upgrades to 5.x and finding the latest version of 4.x.

New (General):

* New option ‘create folder for output files’
* New zip function button to create archive of a converted project
* New open button to open converted project immediately
* New show button to reveal project in finder/explorer

Fixed (General):

* Duplicate markers
* Option ‘include item markers’ now saved in config
* Bluray audio codec in C100 footage now transcodes properly
* Various fixes for quirks in AES31/OpenTL formats


* New ‘auto accept phase 1’ option as default
* New ‘auto merge phase 2’ option as default
* Fixed reconform color coding for new material on Mac OS


* Added cancel button to XML sequence selection
* Fix for missing tracks in audio section of premiere XMLs
* Fix for repeating slashes in premiere & audition path names

FCPX (fcpxml):

* Fix for -Infinity in time values of clips with 0 length
* Warning if no sequences in fcpxmls
* Support for multiple projects in fcpxml
* Option to create default sequence from clips only fcpxml
* Output name based on source file name when no project in fcpxml
* Relative path support for fcpxml 1.4/1.5
* Fix for parsing error when no sequences in xml
* Fix for missing tcFormat in 29.97 or 59.94 sequences

Adobe Audition:

* Initial support for Adobe Audition projects as input (.sesx format). No clip volume yet.

Apogee Meta-Recorder:

* Apogee metarecorder app (fcpxml) now supported. Can create a default sequence from clips.


* Fix for missing attribute in fcpxml exports from Logic


* Fix for Nuendo imports & exports of OpenTL & AES31 formats