Vordio 5.3 Release

Vordio 5.3 is now ready for download.

If you are still using Vordio 4.x, you may like to read about Vordio 5.x first


* Apogee metarecorder workflow via fcpxml has better item positioning


This release addresses many fixes, new features & general usability enhancements to the reconform system.

* Region graph now supports multiple selections
* Heal function to fill gaps caused by missing information
* Merge handles can now be specified
* Overlap tolerance for affected items can now be specified
* Unreconformable items are now colored light blue
* Markers are now reconformed
* Colors more consistent between Mac OS and Windows
* Automation adjustments for moves are now given priority, edges second.
* Phase buttons that are not relevant to current phase are now disabled
* Added open button after reconform
* Fixes for some parsing errors
* Fixes for item group detection
* Extension tags are now preserved intact

New reconform UI

After reconform the region manager can be used to locate potential problems

Vordio 5.2 Release

Vordio 5.2 is now available for download.

This is a big release with lots of new features, as well as bug fixes.

NOTE: If you are still using 4.x, please read this post about upgrades to 5.x and finding the latest version of 4.x.

New (General):

* New option ‘create folder for output files’
* New zip function button to create archive of a converted project
* New open button to open converted project immediately
* New show button to reveal project in finder/explorer

Fixed (General):

* Duplicate markers
* Option ‘include item markers’ now saved in config
* Bluray audio codec in C100 footage now transcodes properly
* Various fixes for quirks in AES31/OpenTL formats


* New ‘auto accept phase 1’ option as default
* New ‘auto merge phase 2’ option as default
* Fixed reconform color coding for new material on Mac OS


* Added cancel button to XML sequence selection
* Fix for missing tracks in audio section of premiere XMLs
* Fix for repeating slashes in premiere & audition path names

FCPX (fcpxml):

* Fix for -Infinity in time values of clips with 0 length
* Warning if no sequences in fcpxmls
* Support for multiple projects in fcpxml
* Option to create default sequence from clips only fcpxml
* Output name based on source file name when no project in fcpxml
* Relative path support for fcpxml 1.4/1.5
* Fix for parsing error when no sequences in xml
* Fix for missing tcFormat in 29.97 or 59.94 sequences

Adobe Audition:

* Initial support for Adobe Audition projects as input (.sesx format). No clip volume yet.

Apogee Meta-Recorder:

* Apogee metarecorder app (fcpxml) now supported. Can create a default sequence from clips.


* Fix for missing attribute in fcpxml exports from Logic


* Fix for Nuendo imports & exports of OpenTL & AES31 formats

Vordio 5.1 Release

Vordio 5.1 is available for download. This is a free update to all 5.x users.

NOTE: If you are still using 4.x, please read this post about upgrades to 5.x and finding the latest version of 4.x.

This release addresses the reconform function with some bug fixes and enhancements.

NOTE: A tutorial video on using reconform is coming soon. The current documentation is out of date. In the meantime, you can ask me for advice if you need it.


* Crash on audio items that were dynamically generated, rather than from source file media. i.e. Bars & Tone.

* Items in the project bay were being altered by mistake. These are now ignored.


* Master track automation is now moved, along with item & track automation.

* Option to turn color coded changes on/off.

* Option to turn edge-edit detection on/off.

Vordio 5.0 Release

Vordio 5.0 is now available for download.

NOTE: Vordio 5 is a major update that took a lot of work & requires a license upgrade from a Vordio 4 license. Upgrades are 50% off the full price but if you paid after 1st August 2016 you qualify for 100% off.

It has been nearly 2 years since the last charge point. Please support continued development by buying a license upgrade. There are some very cool new features planned which take time.

Vordio 4.x is now discontinued but if you need the last 4.x release you can download Vordio 4.8 here.


* Initial support for the new FCPX XML 1.6 format introduced in FCPX 10.3. This new format is important for Davinci Resolve too.

* FCPX Roles & subroles now create nested parent tracks in REAPER with clearer track naming.

* Layout uses item channel count option now works for FCPX XMLs.

* Include video as empty items for FCPX XML 1.5 & 1.6.

* Include all takes in FCPX auditions option.

* Include all (item) markers option. Chapter/sequence markers are always included.

* Replace audio tool for replacing audio in a video file without re-encoding the video.

* Enhanced input & output support of AES31 & OpenTL formats usable with Nuendo & StudioOne.

* Renamed some options to make the meaning clearer.


* Fix for big-endian PCM audio in video files being incompatible with WAVs when transcoding

* Path fixes for badly encoded urls in xml

* Fixed bit depth lowering issue with video PCM transcodes

Vordio 4.8 Release

Vordio 4.x series is now discontinued. Please upgrade to Vordio 5.0 to support further development. 50% and 100% discounts are available depending on when you bought a Vordio 4 license.

However if you can’t upgrade yet and need to download the last release in 4.x series, use the links below.

Download “VORDIO for Mac OS X” Vordio-4.8.dmg – Downloaded 279 times – 74 MB

Download “VORDIO for Windows” Vordio-4.8.msi – Downloaded 271 times – 73 MB

Vordio 4.8 is now available. It is a free update to all 4.x users.

This is an urgent patch to address massive changes to the XML exported from the recently released FCPX 10.3.

So much has changed in the new FCPX XML 1.6 that Vordio 4.x cannot work with it. You should export FCPX XML 1.5 in the meantime.

Support for the new audio features in FCPX XML 1.6 will come in Vordio 5.x.

In the meantime, a pop up warning has been added, if the XML version is unsupported.


You should use the ‘export previous version’ in XML export. Vordio should work with FCPX XML 1.5.


Vordio 4.7.2 Release

Vordio 4.7.2 is now available for download. This is a free update for all 4.x users.

New: Option to prevent file name conflicts. If you have files with the same name but in different folders, use this option. For all files in one folder, turn this option off, but only do this if you are sure that all names are unique.

New: Option to embed BWF metadata in transcoded files. This requires BWFMetaEdit but Vordio 4.7.2 will attempt to download & install BWFMetaEdit automatically when first run.


Vordio 4.7.1 Release

Vordio 4.7.1 is now available for download. This update is free to all 4.x users.


* Initial support for RPP as an input format.

* Support for media collection of relative files. Useful for RPP project conversion.

* Support for item mutes in ADLs.

* Changed tab names and field names to be more generic as more input formats are now supported.

* Make default output path more obvious when dropping new source file


* Fixed ADL project markers

* Media collector removes file from queue if target already exists, even if source is offline.

* Platform specific path rewriting so relinking media works on windows. Also other windows path translation fix.

* Original media paths now correct when copy or transcode are switched off

Vordio 4.7 Release

Vordio 4.7 is now available for download. This is a free update for all Vordio 4.x users.


* FCPX conversion now supports up to 16 channel audio.

* Transcoding fixed for video with more than two input streams.


* AES31 ADLs are now supported as an input format. You can use this to convert Tascam multitrack & Nuendo projects to REAPER RPP.

* Direct download button for Vordio installer when an update is available.

* Vordio now attempts to automatically download, install and configure FFmpeg.

Vordio 4.6.1 Release

Vordio 4.6.1 is now available for download. This is a free update for all 4.x users.

This update addresses a number of Premiere XML fixes & adds some new options for conversion.

* Fixed: XML parsing error. Compatibility with latest Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 update.

* Fixed: Wrongly encoded URLs in the XML leading to incorrect media file names.

* Fixed: Duplicate items with incorrect lengths.

* New: Totals are now shown in the media collection panel


* New: Option for ‘Condensed layout’ – rearranges project items to create a smaller project while preventing overlaps.

* New: Option to ‘Exclude Disabled sources’ – any muted items or items on muted tracks will be excluded.

* New: Option to ‘Sort by channels’ – Arranges items so that mono, stereo, surround etc are never on the same track.

* New: Option to use ‘Colors as roles’ – Create parent track groups, one for each color used in the Premiere project.


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