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Vordio 4.7 Release

Vordio 4.7 is now available for download. This is a free update for all Vordio 4.x users.


* FCPX conversion now supports up to 16 channel audio.

* Transcoding fixed for video with more than two input streams.


* AES31 ADLs are now supported as an input format. You can use this to convert Tascam multitrack & Nuendo projects to REAPER RPP.

* Direct download button for Vordio installer when an update is available.

* Vordio now attempts to automatically download, install and configure FFmpeg.

Vordio 4.6.1 Release

Vordio 4.6.1 is now available for download. This is a free update for all 4.x users.

This update addresses a number of Premiere XML fixes & adds some new options for conversion.

* Fixed: XML parsing error. Compatibility with latest Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 update.

* Fixed: Wrongly encoded URLs in the XML leading to incorrect media file names.

* Fixed: Duplicate items with incorrect lengths.

* New: Totals are now shown in the media collection panel


* New: Option for ‘Condensed layout’ – rearranges project items to create a smaller project while preventing overlaps.

* New: Option to ‘Exclude Disabled sources’ – any muted items or items on muted tracks will be excluded.

* New: Option to ‘Sort by channels’ – Arranges items so that mono, stereo, surround etc are never on the same track.

* New: Option to use ‘Colors as roles’ – Create parent track groups, one for each color used in the Premiere project.


Vordio 4.6 Release

Vordio 4.6 is now available for download. Free to all 4.x users.


* Muting of wrong channel from some types of camera audio
* Timecode display in reconform
* Extract output button sometimes ignored selected folder


* Support for role per individual audio source/component/channel, not only per clip as before


* Source name and role are now added to audio item notes


* Added option to exclude disabled audio sources, rather than just mute them


* Basic support for AES31 ADL (audio decision list) output format so can open FCPX project in Nuendo


Vordio 4.5.6 Release

Vordio 4.5.6 is available for download.


* Chapter markers now added to timeline for FCPX translations. Item markers still appear in item notes as before.


* REAPER trim envelopes (new in REAPER 5.20) are now also moved during reconform.

* Added ability to delete items from the source list in Extract tab. Fixed browse button bug.

* Help page now lazy loaded only if you click on help tab.

Vordio 4.5.5 Release

Vordio 4.5.5 is now available for download.


* Reconform sometimes injected multiple copies of the same new material depending on button order pressed during reconform. Now it will only happen once.


* Reconform now moves track automation as well as item automation. You must complete “Phase 2: Resolve Regions” for track automation to be moved as the resolved regions are required. You should “Merge” group regions to get the cleanest result. Only automation that is within MOVE or EDGE regions will be used.

The example below shows before/after images of track automation that has been ‘repaired’ due to a deleted scene. Some automation had to be removed as merging them would just create a mess. Automation from the moves are joined.



Vordio 4.5.3 Release

Vordio 4.5.3 is now available for download.

NOTE: Vordio 4.5.3 is a free upgrade for all Vordio 4.x users. Licenses are still valid for each major version number. There is no need to pay again until Vordio 5. If you have trouble installing or using 4.5.3, please contact support.


* Browse buttons didn’t remember files correctly, so convert did nothing if files were not drag & dropped.

* Filenames incorrectly displayed in some languages such as French.


Vordio 4.5.2 Release

Vordio 4.5.2 is now available to download.

NOTE: There was a bug in Vordio 4.5 – 4.5.2 that affected projects with filenames that use accented characters on Mac OS X. This is fixed in Vordio 4.5.3


* Premiere – fixed sync problem with 59.94fps sequences


* FCPX – non active takes in auditions are now excluded
* Glow animation on update message to make more noticable
* Warning before reconform if project contains duplicate media names
* Warning if XML contains no sequences

Vordio 4.5 Release

Vordio 4.5 is now available for download & so much has changed.

The user interface has been completely rewritten to make way for new features & future updates. There will also be some tutorial videos coming soon.

NOTE: ffmpeg must now be installed separately to use the transcode option in Vordio. This means FFmpeg can be upgraded independently of Vordio releases, such as when a new codec is supported or fixed.



* Improved Premiere support. Missing elements in the XML that caused Vordio to fail on some project are now ignored or defaulted.
* RPP parsing bug that could damage FX data now fixed.


* Completely revamped user interface. Functions are now separated in their own tabs. No pop ups.
* FFmpeg tools must now be installed separately for transcode to work.
* OpenTL is now supported as an output format. This means you could open a Premiere project in Logic, or an FCPX project in StudioOne.
* Media collection now shows lists of media yet to be processed, that has succeeded, or failed.
* Extract function for extracting audio from camera files.
* Lightworks 12.6 compatibility update. Lightworks also recently improved their XML export so Vordio works now.
* Windows build is now 64 bit only. Please let me know if a 32 bit version is required.
* New reconform user interface. I will need to make some tutorial videos to explain this function as it is the most complex to use.