VORDIO 4.2.10 is now available for download.


* Error caused by badly formatted paths in some XMLs.
* Error caused by incomplete link information in some XMLs.


* VORDIO is now available for Windows, as well as for Mac.

* Premiere colour labels are used to categorise & organise audio. The editor should colour label audio according to whether it is dialogue, music, effects etc before exporting the XML for a well organised REAPER audio project. Labels are very easy to apply in Premiere. Just select relevant audio and right click.


A parent track is created for each colour label and audio from each child track is automatically routed through the parent.


There was a last minute bug in 4.2.9.

Please see VORDIO 4.2.10 release notes instead.

Vordio 4.2.8 is now available for download.


* Colour coding for repetition is now cycled by hue, rather than random colours. This prevents similar looking colours appearing next to each other when they are not really a repetition.



* Crash due to missing information in XML exported from Audition.

NOTE: Using Vordio with XML from Audition is not actually recommended. Vordio is designed and tested with XML from Video editing applications only.

Vordio 4.2.7 is available for download now.


* XMEML media now collected into subfolders to avoid media file name conflicts.


* Crash caused by missing data where expected.
* Offline media count was incorrectly counted.
* Missing path information now logged.
* Lightworks XML compatibility issues.
* Windows stability improvements (Windows build of Vordio is currently in beta test)

Vordio 4.2.6 is now available for download.


* Reconform problem relating to some international character sets and number formatting.


* FCPX Media is now collected into multiple folders, one for each event. This is to avoid media file name collisions in projects that have not used unique media filenames across all media.

NOTE: Reconform requires that media filenames are unique across all media in the project. So if you need to use the reconform feature you should ensure this is the case. FCPX will only ensure unique filenames within a single event but not across multiple events.


Vordio 4.2.5 is now available for download


* Problems related to media file names that use special Danish characters in (possibly applies to some other languages too).


* Convert/reconform timestamp that is added to the RPP file now has a more easily read format – YYMMDD_HHMM

Vordio 4.2.4 is now available for download.


* Errors with Final Cut 7 projects that have subframe keyframes


* Warning popup when dropping files that don’t have the correct file name extension instead of just ignoring the file.


Vordio 4.2.3 is now available for download.

New feature:

* Better use of audio item notes including showing scene and take. Hover mouse over audio item notes icon to view. The information is shown only if the metadata exists in the video project.



* Audio name is marked with *SYNC* if Vordio is unable to synchronise audio due to incompatible retiming. This enables quick searching of sync problems using ‘S&M find’ (part of the free SWS REAPER extensions).


NOTE: Vordio seems to be unaffected by changes to FCPXML in FCPX 10.2. If you have any problems related to the new FCPXML 1.5 please contact support.

You can download the latest update here.

Vordio 4.2.2 contains fixes for the following issues:

* Missing volume automation and edge fades from FCPXML projects.


* Corrupt FCPX projects that refer to non existent multicam angles are now ignored and counted as missing refs in report.