Q: Why convert to Reaper?

Reaper is incredibly flexible & configurable. Let me explain with some video examples of how you can easily create custom audio workflows.

Q: Why is the track layout different?

The philosophy of Vordio is to create a sound editing project that is best organised for the sound editor to start work quickly. It does not attempt to preserve the track layout that the video editor used as the best layouts for convenient video editing and sound editing/mixing are different.

Q: What automation is converted?

Volume automation, mute automation & fade in/outs are currently supported.

Q: Why are sometimes extra clips muted?

Items that are marked with * in front of the name have been muted because the original clips have been time stretched & so would play out of sync. The audio is there but remains unstretched & muted. Time stretching may be supported in future version.

Q: Why no crossfades?

The differences between the way FCPX & Reaper work make supporting crossfades more tricky than you might expect. This is because a single item in FCPX may actually be many items in the reaper project.

Q: Why do my auditions produce way too much audio

Vordio extracts all takes in a FCPX audition. You should really finalise them before export if you don’t want the extra audio. However, remember those extra takes may have useful audio for the sound editor if they need to replace a word from another take.

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